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Fine Art Photography Collections


Capture the essence of maternity, couples, senior, and individual portraits.

  1. Bronze Elegance - $299

    • An intimate one-hour session

    • Exclusive post-session virtual showcase and selection session

    • Access to 3 artisanally retouched masterpieces in pristine resolution

  2. Silver Resonance - $595

    • A deeply immersive two-hour portrait experience

    • Personalized post-session virtual gallery unveiling

    • Own 10 finely crafted images in unparalleled resolution

    • Special: Complete artist's selection in digital with print rights available for an additional $475

  3. Platinum Legacy - $895

    • A grand three-hour photographic journey

    • Bespoke post-session virtual gallery presentation

    • Acquire 15 exquisitely retouched portraits in the highest resolution

    • Premium Offer: Full artist’s collection in digital with exclusive print permissions for an added $770

    • A commitment fee of $150 ensures your session’s exclusivity

Professional Luminary Portraits

For esteemed organizations seeking refined headshots on location (10+ employees).

  • Distinguished Portrait - $75 per visionary

    • 3 downloadable masterpieces for each luminary with printing rights

    • An assurance deposit of $150

Artistry In Print

Curated Print Collections

  • Silver Folio: Five 8.5 x11 inch sheets radiating artistry - $200

  • Golden Keepsake: A pair of 11x14 matte canvases accompanied by eight 8.5x11 impressions - $300

  • Platinum Anthology: Four rich 11X14 matte pieces paired with twelve 8.5x11 impressions - $400

Bespoke Photographic Volumes

  • Proofbooks: 8.5x11 inch spiral-bound testament of art - $250

  • Artisan Bound Journals: 10x10 or 8x12, 20 pages of stories, encased in a custom aura - $325 (+$15 per additional narrative)

  • Masterpiece Albums: 10x10 or 8x12, 30 pages of legacies, handcrafted cover - $525

Bespoke Artistic Services

  • Photo Symphony: Meld multiple moments - $75 design elegance plus print/canvas cost

  • Portrait Refinement: Price varies, e.g., rewriting a smile without braces - $40

Essential Notes

  • Our prints wear a lustrous finesse, reminiscent of gallery elegance.

  • Bespoke art pieces crafted upon request.

  • Custom dimensions to fit your vision.

  • Immortalize your memories; they remain with us for a year post session.

  • Artistry Rights: All creations remain under the artist’s copyright.

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